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NANO CRYSTALLIZED GLASS vanity top Nano Glass Calacatta Gold Marble Slabs for Countertops home furniture

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Nano Glass countertops are the new countertops material you should consider. They are not only durable and stain resistant but extremely aesthetical and environmentally friendly. Composed by an amalgamation of 75% of silica and 25% of other natural minerals when heated to 1800 degree Celsius. The properties of Nano Glass make it one of the preferred material and an alternative to marble, granite, Quartz and porcelain.

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Nano glass countertops are relatively new to the kitchen design theme. But for starters, what is it?


It’s commonly known as nano-crystallized glass but it also goes by other names such as nanoporous marmoglass and nano crystal stone. There’s actually very little information about this particular countertop material that’s readily available.


The advantageous of Nano Glass

1.  Nano Glass is used in interiors as well as exterior applications

2.  the material has high resistance to cracking, acid, alkali and food spills while never changing color

3.  Nano Glass exhibits high-temperature resistance,

4.  Nanoglass countertops have been known for their low maintenance.

5.  Due to its non-toxic and non-radiating qualities, Nano Glass is classified as a green, eco-friendly material that can be easily recycled and reused.

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Nano Glass is used in interiors as well as exterior applications including the kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, commercial wall cladding, window sills, flooring, tables, basins, sinks, furniture decoration, backsplashes and bar tops. When used in the exteriors, they will not discolor from the exposure to ultraviolet light!

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