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How to choose between 3mm and 6mm thickness sintered stone

Time : 2022-12-21 Hits : 41

There are 3mm,6mm,9mm, 12mm thickness for sintered stone ,so how to choose 3mm and 6mm thickness? Check the points below will give you some ideas.


Advantage:Lighter in mass, brings a certain light transmission, sterile and anti-pollution. It is suitable for secondary decoration and for going up to the walls, without destroying the floor and walls of the room, does not bring construction waste and can be constructed directly.


Shortcoming:The thickness is too thin, which makes it very easy to bend and deform, and the overall force is not very strong. 3mm sintered stone are too thin and require too much of the wall base, plus the brittle nature of sintered stone can cause them to break if there is a large deviation.


Scope of application:The current 3mm thickness of sintered stone is mainly used for decorative panels, such as cabinet door panels, wardrobe door panels, room door panels, refrigerator and other household appliance door panels, etc.



Advantage:A cost-effective combination of folding resistance and lightness.

Shortcoming:Compared to 3mm thick sintered stone, they are more resistant to bending, but they are more prone to deformation when subjected to heavy pressure.


Scope of application:The 6mm thickness of sintered stone can be used for wet and dry hanging of indoor and outdoor walls and floors, various door panels and composite slabs for countertops, but the thickness of composite slabs for countertops cannot be made with shaped edges, but can be made for under-counter basins and must be made for under-hanging. And in doing the wall and ground wet paste and dry hanging must pay great attention to the flatness of its board, whether it is dry hanging or wet paste, in the process of installation must make the back of the sintered stone board force points must be more and even, to ensure that the overall flatness and force. This can effectively reduce the deformation and ensure the effect after the installation is completed.